There be dragons!

The Southbank Centre’s summer Power of Power Festival is programmed around Richard Wagner’s iconic Der Ring des Nibelungen. Taking inspiration from the dragon Fafner in Wagner's Ring Cycle, Festive Road was invited by the Southbank Centre to take part in activities inspired by our own giant dragon, Gwynhaf.

The day began with a promenade by Gwynhaf along the Southbank, where she caused a stir by trying to sample the local produce and threatening to eat some of the bystanders – but it was hard to blame her as she had left home without any breakfast!

This was followed by a drop in workshop in the Southbank Centre, where children (and their grown-ups) were encouraged to create their own dragon heads – the scarier the better! Over 75 children took part in the workshop and it was wonderful to see them all having fun and letting their imaginations run wild!

The day concluded with a number of the children and their fabulous creations taking part in a parade with Gwynhaf. Hundreds of onlookers were amazed, surprised and delighted (in equal measure) to see a dragon and its friends walking alongside the Thames in the evening sunshine; but to us, it seems quite normal!

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our fabulous team of volunteers, who burnt the midnight oil in order for Gwynhaf to shine as the star of the show - we couldn't have done it without you!

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