Speedy Services Commissions

In September 2021 Festive Road was approached by Speedy Services to work with a group of children to paint a mural on the wall adjacent to the entrance of their new low carbon innovation and hire centre in Milton Keynes.

Coupled with this, Festive Road was also commissioned to create a sculpture to go on display in the reception area of the new site.

The overall brief was to highlight the innovation of new sustainable technologies, together with their commitment to lowering the environmental impact of their hire centre. Additionally, Festive Road was asked to incorporate knives, taken off of Speedy Services shelves as part of their company knife amnesty, into the sculpture.

The mural was completed at the end of September and depicts a green future where nature and technology co-exist harmoniously.

The sculpture was ‘unveiled’ on site on the 7th December. For the sculpture Festive Road chose to create a model of an iconic wind turbine.

The turbine blades are constructed from utility knife handles, whilst the turret chassis is made from bits of old scrap metal clad in knife handles and other knife parts. The inclusion of a motor and speed controller, enables the blades to turn at variable speeds – and the effect is quite mesmeric!

Part of an original Milton Keynes lamp post has been recycled to use as the central pole, which is mounted on a diamond blade, plus a table base donated to Festive Road by Milton Keynes Theatre.

There is also a movable Powered Access model, which is also made with knives and parts of casings.

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