Sculptural Transformation in MK

On Saturday 16th December Festive Road installed a new piece of public art at the entrance of the Waste Recovery Centre, in Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

Festive Road was commissioned by Amey to create the sculpture to celebrate their amazing new facility, the most comprehensive in the UK, which takes all the black-bin household waste in Milton Keynes - drastrically reducing what goes into landfill.

The concept was inspired by the transformation of materials and ideas. The sculpture forms a sweeping upwards arch of materials gathered into cubes - units of waste - each populated with recognisable ‘throw-away’ objects like washing machine drums, old spanners and garden tools - with a bicycle emerging at the top.

Local pupils from The Radcliffe School were actively involved in the design and planning of the piece.

Festive Road would like to thank Buttles for their help in delivering and installing the Sculpture on site.

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