Safe: a live-streamed performance for MK Calling

On 10th April at 7pm you can tune in on Facebook and watch Jessica Rost perform live.

"We are all creating prisons for ourselves all the time in life. The uninhabitable soon becomes familiar. Isolationism can feel 'Safe' and one person’s comfort zone is another’s anxiety. We may be innocent in purpose but how often do we really understand one another's space? How often do we understand the repercussions of our actions as we place one block upon another?"

'Safe' is a live performance, partly about human ignorance, our inability to understand truly the situations (and dangers) we create around ourselves, before we react, before there becomes no turning back. But on another level it is the story of a creative struggle; a soul striving to build, in the most familiar way, her own 'safe' cage.

The performance is live to camera, (due to the danger to audiences watching the metal working process directly) and will be live-streamed on Facebook and at MK Gallery Event Space on 10th April at 7pm. piece of metal after another will be joined together using the technique which has become so familiar to the artist - welding.

Jessica will be working with each metal tube, each bar, joining together a structure, building without pause, like a creature building a shelter. Gradually she will build a metal cage around herself, permanent and inescapable.

Join her live online at 7.00pm on 10th April -anything could happen!

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