Paraffinalia is a site-specific Midwinter Fire Festival  held annually in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes in December.

This amazing community event is free and aims to bring together people of all ages, abilities and cultures to celebrate the darkest of days with fire spectacles, processional lanterns, pyrotechnic effects and live performances, all based on the traditions of The Lord of Mis-rule and the The Bean King!


In December 2014 audiences were  met by some extraordinary walkabout characters in the Open Air Theatre area and guided to the happenings beyond where the parade of lanterns and illuminated structures joined the celebrations from across the park. There were opportunities to interact with installations and performers and buy some refreshments before the main event. A 20 minute show was performed featuring fire performers, traditional re-enactment and live music from The Kettle Band.


In the run up to the event Festive Road made lanterns every Saturday throughout November at a free drop-in session at MK Gallery and in several local schools. There were opportunities to take part in music workshops led by musician Tim Hill from the infamous Tongues of Fire.

If you want to know more about our December 2015 event or would like to get involved, please

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