Paraffinalia – Festival to warm the darkest of nights…

With the evenings drawing in and the nights as dark as can be, local arts company, Festive Road, invite you to join them in Campbell Park on Saturday 19th December for an extravaganza of hot food, warm company, fire performance and a pyrotechnics.

Last year we watched the Dark Knight burn to the ground as Gwynhaf the Dragon emerged from the ashes in a great spectacle. This year the saga will continue!

The event itself is free but we’ll be taking the opportunity to collect for local charity, Leo’s Appeal, which is raising money for the children’s wards at Milton Keynes Hospital.

The event is open from 5.30pm so that there’ll be a chance to warm your selves around the braziers and to buy delicious hot food and refreshments before the entertainments start at 6pm.
To begin the evening there will be some local fire performers and then the arrival of a beautiful parade of lanterns made by local children and led by some amazing illuminated structures –including Festive Roads very own cycle powered triceratops called Hilary! The main performance will start at 7.30pm -a 30 minute show featuring the return of the Dark Knight, a shadow puppet show, a giant illuminated puppet, live music and plenty of fiery effects... Come a watch us reawaken Gywnhaf the Dragon and chase the chaos of the year back to the other side!

In the run up to the event Festive Road will be making lanterns in several schools in Milton Keynes and will be at MK Gallery mini makers on December 5th and 12th. There will also be opportunities to take part in music workshops which will be lead by musician Richard Bentley and we’re looking for volunteers on the night too.

If you want to know more or want to get involved please get in touch with Festive Road:

Are you brave enough to face the Dark Knight and see the Dragon unleashed within?

Join us in lighting up Campbell Park on Saturday 19th December!

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