Out & About Again

It was wonderful to be out and about again - after more than 12 months of no Outdoor Arts activity, we were thrilled to be involved in events two weeks in succession!

On 26th June we were in Aylesbury for their annual Whizzfizzfest. Heading into its 19th year, the family-friendly literary and arts festival has become an eagerly anticipated annual event for Aylesbury town centre.

Festive Road was delighted to once again be part of the event and took our trio of automata - Percy, Victor, & Wagner - plus the mechanical orrery to be part of the day. As we couldn't run a workshop with current restrictions, we instead put together packs for children to take home and have fun.

On 7th July we were in Watford as part of Watford Place Theatre's annual 'Imagine Watford' - their extraordinary open-air performance festival. Once again, our trio of automata were in attendance, and were a bit hit with everyone!

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