Mobility 4 Disability in Outdoor Arts

Our recent Mobility for Disability in Outdoor Arts seminar was a great success.

All who participated commented on how informal and relaxed the day was, and enjoyed the collaborative nature of the event, which provided the platform for people to fully engage.

People were invited to post comments on our noticeboard during the day - a recurring theme was ‘inspirational’ - which sums it up beautifully. Other key feedback/comments from the board were: it was great to hear other people’s ideas; diversity enriches all; lots of food for thought; enjoyed the puppet-making and movement session; see as a person not a problem; great collaborative day.

The event was also filmed and photographed by students from MK College - who delighted us, and the other participants, by getting so immersed in the day that they joined in with the activities and conversations.

The event has inspired and encouraged ourselves and others to take this further; giving us a lot of food for thought for our future creative processes, and we look forward to collaborating further with our new friends.

We would like to thank the players of The People’s Postcode Lottery, whose funding, awarded by the Postcode Community Trust, enabled us to run this pilot project; which has enriched the lives of all who took part.

The measure of the success was that at the end of the day, people didn’t rush off!

You can see photos of the day here

You can see a short film of the day here

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