This annual event takes place in Northampton town centre and is in partnership with Northampton Borough Council and the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation. The 2014 celebrations were held on Saturday 18th October. 

93112Diwali is known as the 'Festival of Lights' and is traditionally celebrated with activities like lighting rows of candles and diyas (earthen lamps) around individual homes, where the lights signify victory of good over evil, light over dark. Diwali is a time to come together, a time of generosity - sharing and giving to each other. It is a time to celebrate through music, dance and participating in richly colourful activities.


The Workshops

Cedar Road workshopThe schools workshops are now a vital part of the Diwali celebrations and this year Festive Road worked in six Northamptonshire schools - Cedar Road Primary (pictured), Boothville Primary, Lyncrest Primary, Bridgewater Primary, Towcester Primary and Weldon C.E. Primary. Our artists spent time in each of the schools talking to the children about Diwali and helping them to create beautiful and colourful hand held lanterns which they took to the Festival of Lights parade.


The Structures

ele_makingAs well as Big Bird and Ravana who have featured in previous parades, this year we unveiled two new creations: Harminder the Hathi and a beautiful multi-tiered Diva structure. Harminder is a large, cycle-powered mechanical elephant; our artists and Employees" href="http://festiveroad.org/about-us/directors-and-employees-2/" target="_blank">Jessica Rost and Clive Doherty spent many long hours in the workshop to ensure Harminder was ready for the parade. A huge Thank You to local charity Cycle Saviours who donated many of the bicycle parts in the making of Harminder. The Diva held tea lights and  mini-divas within the main structure. The Festive Road artists worked hard to ensure these amazing new creations were ready in time for the parade and the structures were created in just one month.


The Parade

Accompanied by local Dhol players and Lobo Tren Samba band, the procession was led by the Mayor of Northampton, MPs and other dignitaries, and brought to life the story of Diwali. The young people from the schools lit the way with their lanterns and flags, bringing a colourful and spectacular element to the parade accompanied by the Festive Road stilt walkers, the Big Bird with Sita and Lord Ram, the Diva, Ravana the ten-headed demon and Harminder the Hathi who transported our beautiful Kathak dancer along the procession.


diwali 2014 mix


Harminder the Elephant - now available for bookings

Imagine hiring this wonderful giant mechanical elephant to bring your event to life. We are now taking bookings for Harminder (and his trainer!) so if you are interested in adding a four-legged, cycle-powered WOW factor to your event, please contact us.


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