Breathing Room Project

Congratulations to Anna Berry, one of our Resident Associate Artists, whose stunning ‘Breathing Room’ has been selected as one of the Unlimited main commissions for 2019. We are also delighted that Festive Road’s Clive Doherty will continue his collaboration with her on this Project.

Breathing Room is a large-scale, experiential, kinetic light installation in which a tunnel lined with cones ‘breathes’, creating a strange and otherworldly immersive experience. On the outside, the beautiful and ornate mechanism is the focus of attention, whilst inside the viewer travels through a luminous, gently moving tunnel, for an almost psychedelic experience.

In 2017, Anna received an Unlimited R&D grant to support the development of this work in prototype form; which was itself the development of an initial indoor installation in a shopping centre which was trialled in Milton Keynes; a political piece about ownership of public space, drawn from the relentless commercialisation of public space to exclude non-commercial interests.

Interest in the sensory nature of the work means it has evolved into an experiential installation, incorporating lighting design to enhance the sound and movement. Breathing Room echoes the original concept of reclaiming the public realm, existing predominantly in the context of urban public space.

Unlimited is an arts commissioning programme that aims to change perceptions of disabled people by commissioning disabled artists in the UK and internationally to make new, groundbreaking and high quality work.

Unlimited supports ambitious, creative projects by outstanding disabled artists and companies. The projects include theatre, dance, music, literature, performance, painting, sculpture, public artworks, photography, digital artworks, installations, films and more..

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