Shanti is a beautiful Garuda Bird who was created for night time parades, but is equally spectacular for day time events.

She has recently undergone a major refurbishment, not only to her mechanics but also her 'feathered' finish - we think she looks even more spectacular now!

Puppeteering this stunning creation is carried out by two cyclists who are mounted within the body, several metres above the ground. Using hand levers and foot controls, the person at the front puppeteers the head, eyes and wings - an innovative mechanical system allowing not only the wings to flap realistically, but also mimic a bird's swooping body movement. The cyclist at the back steers Shanti and has a set of pedals to move her forwards and backwards.

Dimensions: Length –5000mm, Width (wings folded) –2200mm, Wing span (wings extended)- 5500mm, Height with Pilots –4200mm.

Shanti was originally commissioned by the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation (IHWO) Northampton for Diwali in 2016 and was funded by Northampton Community Foundation

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