Harminder is Festive Road’s impressive, pedal-powered mechanical Asian elephant.

Her ear, head and trunk movements, coupled with her eye 'blink', add to the spectacle not only as she perambulates, but also when at rest.

She loves nothing more than packing her trunk and going to new places and making new friends!

In addition to her pilot, she has a special platform on her back where a dancer can perform, or where she can carry a VIP guest. She also has an on-board music system, as well as internal lighting for evening events.

She requires reasonably flat ground- no cambers or hills! She will cycle along happily on grass areas, flat fields, city squares and standard road surfaces.

Dimensions: Length –4600mm, Width –2100mm, Height with Pilot –4800mm

Harminder was commissioned by the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation (IHWO) Northampton for Diwali in 2014 and was funded by Arts Council England

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