MK50 Community Project

Silent Monkey MK50As part of the Milton Keynes’ 50th Birthday Celebrations, we are producing the 'Festival of Giants'- a big outdoor arts, community festival, in Campbell Park 25th June 2017; and it will involve many different groups, artists and organisations.

As a starting point, we're creating the ‘MK50 Manifesto of Marvellous Facts’, and inviting everyone in the community to contribute to it. We're doing an open call to local: dancers, singer-song writers, theatres, performance groups, artists, colleges, schools, community groups etc to propose creative responses to any of the ‘Facts’ we collect about MK. We will select up to 15 ideas to fund, support, develop, commission or produce and, alongside our own new GIANT creations, these productions will form the content for the festival in Campbell Park, which we will be producing and staging.

So get your thinking caps on!

Festive Road Sewing & Textiles Group

A space to sew, start new projects, meet with other stitchers, share patterns, skills and ideas. For crafty people who love textiles, sewing or knitting. People are welcome to bring along stuff they're already working on, projects that others in the group can help/input on, new stuff people might want to try out; and have fun!

Sessions are held on:
Wednesdays 1.00 - 3.00
Friday 10.00 - 12.00
Cost is £4 per session