Sponsor Walking with Giants, a touring show, community carnival, or a creative training initiative.


Our work brings communities together and makes art accessible to all. Local carnivals celebrate diversity by enabling minority groups to share their cultural traditions safely, which contributes to promoting understanding and reducing racial tension.

sponsorship mix

Examples of how donations and sponsorship can help

Donations enable us to reach more people and communities; individuals' support helps us deliver workshops in schools, clubs and groups while corporate sponsorship gives us the chance to go out into the community, creating a big event which brings all members of a community together.

  • £20 - materials for a half day workshop or After School Club session
  • £50 - materials for one workshop in a school or community
  • £200 - one workshop with a school or community group
  • £600 - a three day team building activity for a school or community event
  • £500 - £2000 - make a Giant puppet, create a Samba band or dance group with a local school or community group to take part in the annual Walking with Giants parade
  • £1000 - Create a multi-disciplinary performance piece with a school or community group
  • from £1000 - company workshops: make a giant puppet, create Samba music or get together with Zumba dance and take part in the annual Walking with Giants parade

If you are an individual and would like to make a donation to Festive Road, please visit our Local Giving page. If you are interested in a sponsorship package, please contact us for further details.