Our Dinosaurs

Hilary (pictured left)

Dinosaurs never go out of fashion and Hilary our pedal-powered Triceratops is always a big favourite. She is able to traverse across grass, and can even be cycled around inside shopping centres.

Dimensions: Length – 5700mm, Width – 1800mm, Height with Pilot – 2900mm


A fully-flapping mechanical Pterodactyl, Terry has cycle-power assisted movement, and soars over people's heads and swoops down on surprised audiences.

Dimensions: Length – 5400mm, Height – 2600mm resting/Up to 3500mm, Wingspan – 3600mm, Swooping Width – 7500mm


Baby Rex

The newest member of our dinosaur family is an adorable animated baby T-Rex puppet in a pram, who is fond of throwing his toys around - children (and adults) love him!

His head can be remotely manipuated by his 'minder' through a simple, but ingenious, mechanism via the handle.


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