Our Portfolio

We have a huge range of amusing walkabout characters, perambulating cycle-powered structures, amazing giant puppets and also lots of participatory activity to offer.

Our work is suitable for street festivals, field events, schools, community and public spaces and for private functions. We work with all ages and abilities in a huge range of settings.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have something specific in mind. We have lots of creative ideas and may be able to help with your event management and fundraising too.

Don't forget, what we like most is making new things! You can also commission us to create bespoke giant puppets, structures, shows and characters etc. to fit an event or festival theme.

Prices vary depending on travel time, vehicle hire, numbers of participants and other extras which are specific to any agreed project.

  • Outdoor Shows

    Outdoor Shows

    The Futurists are a tribe with an eclectic aesthetic, who have developed ingenious and amusing ways to survive without touching…

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  • Shanti the Bird

    Shanti the Bird

    Shanti was created for a Diwali lights parade but can also be hired for day time events. Two cyclists are…

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  • Our Dinosaurs

    Our Dinosaurs

    Hilary the Triceratops and Terry the Pterodactyl are showstopping fully interactive bicycle powered dinosaur creations. These Dino-tastic visuals are made…

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  • Gwynhaff the Dragon

    Gwynhaff the Dragon

    Beautifully handmade, inlaid with leather scales, Gywnhaff has been especially designed for audiences to touch and interact with. She has…

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  • Harminder The Elephant

    Harminder The Elephant

    Harminder is an Indian elephant made of metal, reclaimed bicycle parts and other recycled materials –she is amazing...and she can…

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  • Commission Creations

    Commission Creations

    This service is available to private and public orgainisations who want to have a ‘showstopper piece’ created and tailored to…

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  • Walkabout Performers

    Walkabout Performers

    Our artists are drawn from a broad range of creative backgrounds, from contemporary clowning, storytelling and circus to classical dance,…

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  • Pop Up Carnivals

    Pop Up Carnivals

    Carnival is a fantastic way to engage audiences and participants; bringing people together, breaking down social boundaries and celebrating diversity.…

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  • Night Time Festivals

    Night Time Festivals

    Our artists are experienced at creating illuminated structures for parades and festivals and have developed ways of using renewable and…

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  • Educational Projects

    Educational Projects

    Our educational experiences empower and engage young people, enabling and encouraging them to take ownership of their ideas. We believe…

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  • Workshops


    We provide opportunities for children, young people, teachers,  families, and work colleagues to learn new skills and get involved in…

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  • Street Parades

    Street Parades

    We specialise in events that bring people together, breaking down social boundaries and celebrating diversity through small community events and…

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