Green Energy

green-jouney-bus-midLearning about science and the environment through creative making!

As a company Festive Road always makes every effort to recycle, reclaim and renew when it comes to materials and resources. A number of projects have also dealt specifically with eco-learning and sustainability issues enabling participants to engage and experiment with the use of green energy and responsible power.

From renovating an old double-decker bus into an alternative teaching space complete with cycle-generated cinema to creating innovatively illuminated structures for carnival parades, Festive Road can support learners to think green...

  • Building renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and cycle-power generators
  • Working with Science and Technology departments to create and demonstrate hands-on experiments
  • Finding out about alternative energy and environmental issues in a practical and fun way

green-energy-3websaveWays in which this can support learning settings:

  • Extending learning in Science, Maths and Technology
  • Cultivating global citizenship
  • Engaging the disengaged learner
  • Developing `real-world´ skills
  • Increasing knowledge of ecology and sustainability


From one day workshops to full-scale project development - contact Festive Road to find out more about what we can offer you.

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