Friends and Supporters Evening 18th June 2015

Friends and Supporters Evening 18th June 2015

Festive Road look forward to welcoming their friends and supporters to an evening of entertainment and a dress rehearsal of their physical theatre show Best Company.

Best Company

A very funny take on a very real struggle as four friends take a WW1 tank into battle 

The Best Company are on their way to the Western Front but the external conflict is not the only thing occupying the crew’s thoughts. As we see, life inside the Mark 1 tank is busy, noisy and smelly. Tension among the company escalates and a hilarious and bizarre internal conflict occurs. As the tank spins, the characters actions become more and more surreal... war is declared and the engine judders to a holt!
Will the Best Company get the Tank started again? Will they make it to the front line?

If you are interested in seeing the performance of Best Company or hiring the tank please get in touch

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