Who We Are



Clive is our Creative & Technical Director. He is an artist, engineer, designer and maker with extraordinary vision and skill.

He believes that art is intrinsic to any idea or concept, and that beauty cannot exist without purpose.

He has always been keenly interested in science, engineering and art - seeing artists as engineers, and engineers as artists! He loves mechanisms and the way that they can move; and has designed many ingenious contraptions, including his growing collection of automata - some of which were commissioned for Milton Keynes Festival Fringe in 2016.

He is a key part of the creative force behind the design and making of Festive Road’s growing collection of giant pedal-powered structures and puppets, including our iconic creatures - Harminder, Shanti, Hilary, Gwynhaff and Baby Rex. He was co-creator of Paraffinalia 2016 and Festival of Giants in 2017.

Clive is also a talented painter, taking part in a number of street art events, including 'Paint Jams' in front of live audiences. Additionally, Clive is an accomplished stilt-walker - despite his fear of heights!

As well as working on his own projects, Clive enjoys skill-sharing with other artists, and is currently collaborating on an R&D Project with Anna Berry, funded by Unlimited.



As our Executive Director, Martine leads on the day-to-day operations of Festive Road; managing the business, financial and administrative side of the company. She is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Advisors is consulted on key decisions and kept informed of events affecting the company.

She has more than thirty-five years’ experience in UK and worldwide business administration and management, within a wide variety of sectors.

Her work over a number of years as a freelance consultant, and company director, has included: business development; budgeting and financial planning; event/project planning and management; social media management and training; as well as liaison with a wide range of businesses, organisations, and individuals.

Martine is passionate about Festive Road and is fully committed to ensuring the continued success and growth of the company.


Resident Artistic Associates


A founder member, Paul has over 20 years’ experience working as an artist in educational environments and the wider community with children and staff ranging from nursery to college level, as well as with youth, family and special needs groups and community bodies on projects, events and festivals.

Paul loves weaving and ‘instant art’ – incorporating a lot of this in the work he does with schools. He enjoys helping other people and ‘bringing them along’, both artistically but also in gaining confidence.

he has worked on the Creative Partnerships programme for UKCCA and Creative Junction, delivering many inspirational projects to schools across Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire. He has been a visiting artist and held artist-in-residence positions in several schools in Luton, Milton Keynes and Northampton and has worked with MK Gallery, Autism Bedfordshire, MENCAP, Luton Libraries, Mercedes Benz, Connexions MK and many other organisations.

Paul’s degree is in Printmaking, but his practice has developed over the years to incorporate a multi-disciplined approach. He works predominately 3-dimensionally; structures, sculpture, site specific, etc working in wood, willow, concrete and recycled materials, integrating painting and printmaking techniques; his experience is extensive.

As part of the 2015 Rugby World Cup celebrations Festive Road was commissioned by Milton Keynes Council to create some unique murals. Paul worked with children from a number of schools in Milton Keynes to paint four underpasses; with each specially designed by the creative team at Festive Road.



Promoting African Arts in Milton Keynes, Nkiru Arts is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise. Nkiru means ‘the best is yet to come’. Nkiru focusses on all aspects of African Arts: through drumming, dance, food, art, textiles and fashion.

They continue to diversify to embrace all forms of ‘The Arts’ to complement people’s lives. Nkiru Arts’ activities provide supportive opportunities, training and work experience for volunteers.

Nkiru Arts founder and Artistic Director, Annie Beddoe, has been a resident of Milton Keynes for 30 years. Annie has a love and passion for African Arts; she is an African Drumming Instructor and an African Drum maker/repairer, a very rare skill, one of only half a dozen in the UK, and a most unusual craft for a white English woman too. Annie learned her skills as a drummer and drum maker from West African Masters and tutors. Annie is also a founder member of Moribayassa African Drumming Community Group, and has taught African Drumming in schools and led workshops in the community all over Milton Keynes for many years.

Nkiru Arts are experienced costume designers. Artistic Director Diann Chatfield will turn your ideas into costumes for whatever your event or needs such as performing, music, stage, theatre, school plays, costume ball or dance.


Artistic Associates

Cath Rigler

Cath has spent over 20 years in community arts and environmental work, particularly with young people and children, but also working with adult groups e.g. with drugs/mental health support services. Giving individuals a space to play, to explore, to challenge themselves, learn some new skills or just to relax.  She has worked in outdoor activities, TIE, youth work, walkabout/street theatre and woodland management! She has an MA in contemporary theatre practice, Level 3 Forest School Practitioner and outdoor First Aid /Mental Health First Aid qualifications.


Manuela Benini

Manuela is a movement and performance artist and choreographer collaborating with dance, street theatre and carnival companies across Europe, using a range of vocabularies from afro-Brazilian to Kathak, classical Indian dance.


Natali Castro

Natali has a Diploma in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre Performance (London); a Master's degree in Communicology; and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication (Caracas). Her motivation for redefining social spaces has taken her to the field of street and outdoors theatre, site specific/responsive and immersive performance.

Her passion towards human interactions developed into a professional specialisation in clowning and improvisation; her essential quest being finding truth within her/each self (the artists and the audience), as an initial point, to develop more honest, simple and fun relationships (both personally and on stage).

Natali is also an associated artist of Lizard Stage (London), and a member of Haringey Arts (London). She is based in England and performs both nationally and internationally. She is currently developing a series of practical laboratories that integrate body expression, creativity, community and personal development.


Emma Garofalo

Emma trained in fashion and textile design. She makes and designs costumes, structures and pieces of art for performances and events, specialising in large scale costumes using structure, movement and puppetry. She has worked in street performance, theatre, circus, dance, TV and film. Emma works mainly in fabrics, incorporating other materials for structures, frames, props and puppets. She is highly skilled in a range of media including, structural work, painting, using plasterzote foam and fibre glass. She is interested in narrative and has facilitated many workshops with children, young people and community groups.