Our Vision & Values


Our Vision

We believe that art crosses all barriers – giving people a commonality, beyond language and cultural & physical differences.

Our focus is on a collective output with an ethos of inclusivity, collaboration and green credentials. We want to positively influence the way participatory and outdoor art is created across the UK.

Our approach is always innovative: using recycled materials, mixed media, music, movement and invented techniques; we create costumes, mobile structures, performance and outdoor installations; all as vehicles for collaborative expression.

Our work brings people of all cultures, abilities and ages together, with an emphasis on community cohesion, confidence building, creative skills and cultural celebration.

We provide creative activities for community groups, family learning and in educational settings.

We also provide training, skills development and employment opportunities for artists, volunteers and trainees.


Our Values

There are 3 overarching values at the heart of everything we do at Festive Road:

  • Creation
  • Transformation
  • Participation


Our walkabout characters and creations are made from recycled parts including old bicycle frames, thrown away furniture, car parts, and washing machines! Not only does this give our characters incredible detail, flair and their own unique character, it also gives them a great environmental focus.

While many of our creations are great to watch, our general ethos for festivals and carnivals is to allow the public to interact with the event as much as possible. This has an incredible effect of raising local spirit, promoting cross cultural interaction and serves as a unique opportunity for visitors to get involved.

Festive Road is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials such as mixed paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans and hazardous materials such as batteries and electronic equipment. Festive Road recycles, not only because it is sound policy, easy to do and helps the environment, but because it demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices.

We feel it is important to educate people about recycling and environmental issues, especially the
younger generation as the world is their future. We aim to highlight the importance of reducing, reusing and
recycling through our work; leading by example.