Harminder - our life size elephant
'Terry' the Pterodactyl
Gwynhaf our 'friendly' dragon
Hilary - part of our dinosaur family
Modern Automata
Paraffinalia 2015
Our WW1 Mark 1 Replica Tank
Festive Road

Our artists are also running making sessions @MK_Gallery today - drop in and create! mkgallery.org/events/2016_12…twitter.com/i/web/status/8…


    Festive Road is a specialist outdoor arts development company based in Milton Keynes; engaging with people, schools, communities, business & organisations in artistic, collaborative & creative activities. 

    We aim to bring communities to life, making ‘art’ relevant, participatory and accessible to all; with an emphasis on cohesion, confidence-building, creativity, imagination and cultural celebration.

    Our unique fusion of art and engineering provide the opportunity for imagination and technology to come together in an exciting, educational, and innovative way.  This combination shows how art and STEM can work together to develop vital creative thinking.

    Art crosses all barriers – it gives people a commonality, beyond language and cultural & physical differences.


    Please browse our website for examples of our work and to see what we can do for you

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    DonateButton-LocalGiving-e1451480458193At Festive Road, we aim to bring communities to life, making 'art' relevant, participatory and accessible to everyone.We are very reliant on grants and donations to enable this, and any contribution, however small, can make a real difference to the work we can do.

    A short film showing the work we do at Festive Road and how we bring Outdoor Art Projects to Milton Keynes and beyond!

    (Film Credit: Evolution)